Wine Club, 1st meeting

My friend Lynn decided it would be a wonderful idea to start a wine club amongst her friends. The idea was to bring a bottle of wine with you to share with the group and provide a small fee to help the hostess pay for the food provided. Of course it wouldn’t be a wine party without cheese!
Since I have too much extra time on my hands I offered to help with decor and such. We made a trip to Trader Joes and Costco for the cheese and some nuts. We might have went a little overboard. Here’s the spread


We had 9 cheeses including pecan cranberry cheese balls and a baked Brie provided by yours truly. The balls were a big hit. I found the recipe here. I chose not to put the sticks in them. Here’s how mine turned out

20130407-210505.jpg I should have gotten a picture after they were beautifully plated. Oh well.
I cut out the wine tags and everyone put their names on them.


Of course the men were invited to join and most even tried the wine. Although they had to be men and segregate themselves. Ha

Overall I think the 1st meeting was a hit!


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