Hippy Dippy

I decided a few weeks ago that I would try to be open minded and see a Naturopath to see if she could help me with PMS, mood swings and hot flashes. My initial appointment was thorough, which I liked. I made another appointment for the next week where she would make up and discuss a health plan with me. That was a little overwhelming. I was presented with many different options to try and regulate hormones and detox my liver (an underrated organ). My herbs should be in on Monday to pick up.
Today I started with apple cider vinegar. I’ve heard many positives about ACV. I’m supposed to do 1 Tablespoon before meals. I’m starting with 1 tablespoon in the am. I’ve felt kind of nauseous so far. Don’t know if that’s from the vinegar or something else going on. I seem to feel nauseous a lot so it’s nothing new.
So here’s to the start of something new and hoping to feel better. I’ll keep updating.


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