Test Post

My 1st official post. I thought it’d be easier to write my ideas here, but I’m currently coming up blank. I’ve been unstimulated since graduating and have been doing a lot of projects that maybe you all would like to follow.

My first project and maybe the most frustrating is trying to get my friend Matt organized and do some home improvements. I didn’t get a before shot, but this is what the cabinets looked like before (picture is from guest bath).Image

And after lots of work (and many brilliant ideas from Megan that didn’t work) this is the finished product:

There’s still lots of work to be done at Matt’s house and I’m hoping he’ll continue with the little home improvements once I move (which will hopefully be sooner than later). The paint is Behr in banana cream with a semi-gloss finish. All furnishings were bought at Home Depot.

My next little project is fun crafting. I’ve always loved crafting and came across a great site with different ways to make wreaths. I’ve never made a wreath but I thought, why not? I’ve made 2 so far but neither is finished to my complete liking, the downfall of a crafty perfectionist. The picture is blurry and it still needs a cute ribbon to hang on and maybe some more pinwheels, but I really like it so farImage

Also with my free time I’ve been cooking, a lot! I’ve found I love the crockpot. And Pinterest is an addiction.

One of my favorite “projects” is being the Nurse Nanny. Wonder if I could really make a career out of it?!? I know that if/when I move I will miss the families and children I’ve made connections with. Currently I have 4 families I watch children for, 4 adorable little boys and 1 princess.

I think that’s all for now.

Oh the excitement of unemployment!


About meganstewardrn

I'm Megan, a newly registered nurse trying to find my place in the world.

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